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Founded 1984, Tempe Arizona USA

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Tan and Blaze Quail and Dove Caddy

Tan Quail and Dove Caddy

Blaze Orange Quail and Dove Caddy

Camo Quail and Dove Caddy

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About Quail And Dove Caddy

Quail And Dove Caddy Is Built Of Quality Materials With The Upland Hunter In Mind

• Made of tough 600 denier synthetic fabric.
• Cross-stitched at load points for extra strength.
• Inside seams finished to prevent unraveling.
• Vinyl lined game pouch to resist staining.
• Elastic shock cord closure on game pouch.
• Game pouch snaps off for use as sport shooting shell bag.
• Payload capacity 3.5 lbs.
• Heavy duty, quick release buckle.
• Belt adjusts for waist size 34" to 44".
• 2 30oz clear water bottles with insulated holders.
• Velcro closure shell pouches.
• Velcro tabs for securing accessories.
• Outer mesh pockets for your bird call or other items.
• Offered in Desert Tan w/Blaze Trim, Desert Tan
   All Blaze Orange & Camo colors.

Quail And Dove Caddy Is Versatile   
It works for well for Sharptails, Huns, and other small to medium sized upland birds. Squirrel and Rabbit hunters find it equally suitable. Shoot, I have even stuffed three South Dakota Pheasant in the rear pouch. Tony Marquez, renowned dog trainer from Buckeye Arizona, uses the Quail N Dove Caddy in his daily routine. I have even sold it to rock collectors, cyclists and gardeners. 

Do you shoot sporting clays or trap? Quail N Dove Caddy has a removable game pouch. Just unsnap the pouch and you have the perfect shell bag for sport shooting. Some of our customers reload shells so they leave the pouch on and use it as a place to carry empty hulls. When you need to reload your gun the shell pouches are right where you need them, close to your hands. That makes loading shells simpler and faster.

Are you a hiker?
 Quail N Dove Caddy is perfect for you too. You can attach our Caddy Bottles and take a total of 60 oz. of fresh drinking water with you. The pouches and Velcro tabs work well for stowing a dog leash, snacks, utility tools, sun block, just about anything you might want to take along. All in one convenient package. 

Quail N Dove Caddy makes a unique corporate gift
 to give clients at your next company event or as an incentive for employees.  

And don't forget
, if you hunt in cold weather you can wear your favorite jacket or coat and strap a Caddy around your waist. This frees you from the inconvenience of stretching a vest over your bulky coat. There will be no more fumbling for hot shells when the birds are holding tight in late season. Shells will be right where you can quickly find them, in the Caddy shell pouches hanging over your pants pockets.


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